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Julia Hustler


"I made a huge leap in my career! I could not have even dreamed of the results I achieved with Dynamo Careers. I was previously self-employed. I am now a l Financial Controller, which is a super high-level job title for my industry. I was able to 2x the return on my investment in the coaching services. I can’t even begin to quantify how much this will pay off of the course of my career.

Hope Youngs



“Working with Dynamo Careers has been a big game-changer in my career and life. I am now making an additional ~$50,000+ per year. I landed a higher-level role with a more strategic consulting firm that also has a better work culture. The investment was well worth it as I was able to gain a 2-3x ROI in just the first year in my new job.”


Principal Software Engineer

“I had been yearning for a better opportunity for several years, but it just wasn’t happening. This coaching process helped me land a big promotion within just a few short months. I received support to be more aggressive in negotiating my compensation and achieved a higher level role with a very big pay increase!

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